Agricamping campsite in Seulo

Agricamping holidays with tent or caravan

The Hotel Ristorante Miramonti has also something for those who want to fully enjoy the amazing Sardinian nature. The comfortable holiday farm with campsite in Seulo, also called “agricamping”, is there for you. The campsite is equipped with everything you need to spend a pleasing and cosy holiday, with the basic comforts. There are clean and maintained showers and toilets, which are not far from the pitches for tents, camping vans and caravans. If you wish to try the holiday farm with campsite in Seulo, you may also enjoy a kiosk and an open-air swimming pool.

What agricamping means

Agricamping is a new way of camping, which comes from the typical campsites of the Sixties. At that time, camping was starting to spread in Italy as a new way of going on holiday. The campsites and tents available were much smaller than the ones we have today. Generally speaking, the camping holidays were very sober, with small supermarkets that sold just the very basic items to prepare something to eat. There were not many pitches; which favoured a sort of empathy and friendship feeling among the guests. The current campsites are much more complete, with diversified services and activities that were once unimaginable. The problem is that now many of the positive and typical things of camping are lost. The holiday farm tries to bring back those features, while offering the many services at the same time. The holiday farm with campsite in Seulo is one of the few available in Italy. One of the features is that you may freely decide your space in the wild, enjoying the beautiful place and the open air. The pitches are far enough to let you move freely, surrounded by the trees and the perfume of resin and grass.

Why choosing a camping holiday

The Hotel Ristorante Miramonti with its holiday farm with campsite in Seulo offers the chance to live the agricamping experience in a full and very relaxing way. Many people are suspicious of the camping experience and will look at you with prejudices. Camping, whether it is on a holiday farm or somewhere else, is considered a less comfortable holiday, which is not suitable for families with children. Many people prefer to opt for more ordinary and easy solutions, like the ones offered by the Hotel Ristorante Miramonti. Camping is a basic type of holiday, but it is a lot less uncomfortable than you may think. The staff of the Hotel Ristorante Miramonti always keeps the toilets and showers clean. Furthermore, the facilities like shops and restaurants are very close. Moreover, you have the chance to live surrounded by nature, sleeping in the middle of a natural place with the crickets singing and the trees rustling in the background. It is also the ideal holiday if you wish to explore the amazing Sardinian territory.