Motorcycle tourism in Seulo

Hotel for bikers

The Hotel Ristorante Miramonti is a perfect solution if you opt for a holiday by motorbike. The hotel is equipped with everything you need if you love travelling by motorbike. It offers accommodation for bikers and special prices for bike lovers. If you choose the motorcycle tourism in Seulo, you will have a special place to keep your motorbike, while you may take your time to hike in the mountains. The motorbikes will be safely stored, so that the owners will be free to go and visit the area safely and without fears. 

Seulo lies at the foot of the Gennargentu massif, in one of the best locations if you wish to visit the island by motorbike. It is rich in charming roads that go up the mountains and lead to places that couldn’t be reached in any other ways. Travelling by motorbike in these areas means diving into scarcely populated areas, full of wild beauties and of the wild perfume of the land. The Hotel Ristorante Miramonti is a good place to start your special itinerary from Fonni and come back. 

If it is your first motorbike holiday, remember that travelling light is the number one rule. You just need a couple of sweaters, to wear in the evening when it is a little colder, comfortable and sporty shoes, maybe suitable for some hiking, comfortable long trousers and a jacket. Bring also an emergency kit for your motorbike.
The Hotel Ristorante Miramonti offers many accommodation possibilities: if you wish to be comfortable, you may stay in our hotel rooms. If you wish to keep the adventure mood of a holiday by motorbike, you may opt for the campsite. In both cases, the hotel offers its restaurant service to taste the traditional local dishes, so that you may restore your strengths before continuing your travel.