Restaurant in Seulo

Traditional Sardinian dishes

The Hotel Ristorante Miramonti features an excellent restaurant in Seulo, which offers genuine and traditional Sardinian dishes. Thanks to the farm run by the same family, the restaurant chefs have always fresh and certified ingredients. The meat comes from the grazing lands of the Gennargentu massif, where the animals are free to graze and go around. The milk comes from the goats raised in the wild and fed with the mountain herbs. Therefore their milk is flavoured and very different from what you buy in the supermarket. The same flavours may be found in the many cheeses produced in the area. The restaurant in Seulo of the Hotel Ristorante Miramonti offers the chance to taste the traditional flavours of Sardinia through its dishes prepared following old recipes and using top quality ingredients. The restaurant offers local and traditional products like cured meats, cheeses and pickled vegetables. The meat is very tender, juicy and rich in flavour.

The true Sardinian traditional cuisine

The traditional Sardinian cuisine is humble, made of local ingredients that are easy to find. Furthermore, many of the recipes were created for the local shepherds, who needed nourishing food, easy to bring with them and store. That is the origin of the tasty cured meats and cheeses you may try in this area today. And that is the origin of the many appreciated dishes that are seasoned with wild herbs and cooked in unusual ways.

The meat

In the restaurant in Seulo featured by the Hotel Ristorante Miramonti meat plays a fundamental role. It is one of the main ingredients of the Sardinian cuisine, cooked in many traditional and revisited ways. The ingredients are all local and top quality. The most common types of meat in Sardinia, which are also part of the menu of the Hotel Ristorante Miramonti, are goat and sheep meat. But also suckling pigs and lambs are quite appreciated. Since the animals are raised in the wild in the local grazing lands, fed with genuine and natural products, their meat is very juicy and tasty. That is why the recipes are simple: we do not want to add too many flavours to the already excellent taste of this meat.
The cooking procedures are the same as the ones used by the shepherds in the past, they are very old but at the same time they manage to intensify the best taste of the meat. The meat prepared in the restaurant in Seulo is roasted, stewed or boiled. Suckling pigs and lambs are cooked on spits and seasoned only with salt and pieces of cheek lard. They are cook for a long time, so that they absorb the heat and the perfumes of the wood. The meat becomes very tender, juicy and rich in flavour.

The cured meats and cheeses

The traditional Sardinian cuisine boasts a rich tradition of cured meats and cheeses. They are healthy and genuine foods, which may be stored for a long time and are easy to bring with you. The ideal solution for the local shepherds, who needed something they could keep for many days when they were away from home. The animals raised in the wild are genuinely fed; their meat and milk are therefore excellent. At the restaurant in Seulo Miramonti, the cured meats and cheeses are the essential ingredients of the excellent and abundant starters, in addition to being the ingredients of many pasta dishes and main courses.